My Story

Phil Evans Head and Shoulder shot - June 2013

I am Phil Evans. I live with Asperger’s syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism.

This is an admission that has not always made life easy for me but as a determined, driven and passionate freelance public speaker and writer who is working on a self-employed basis in the hope I can improve the lives of people with autism, I’ve taken a big step in sharing my story and experiences in a way that will hopefully help anybody else like myself in the future.

My mum was told when I was a toddler that I would “never walk, talk or amount to anything”. Instead, I have a university degree, I have ran my own business and I’m now successfully working as a self-employed freelance public speaker and writer.

I’m keen to positively raise awareness and understanding of how autism can be something to celebrate in the hope I will help others. I want to show how positive traits of autism can be harnessed and nurtured for good in any area of life. Not every person with autism will think and act like Raymond Babbitt in Rain Man!

You may be surprised at what a person with autism could do if small steps are taken to support them.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about who I am and what I do.

My Guest Speaking

1173600_400778220059090_234273405_nAs a person with autism, I’ve had a chance to speak to care providers, charities and employers about my own experiences of living with autism and being successful. I want to keep raising awareness of what people with autism can do.

Only 15% of all people with autism in Great Britain have experience of full-time employment. I want to make a change by showing how people with autism can be alert, clear, honest, loyal, passionate and precise. I want to reach out to employers and people with autism to share my story and remove stereotypes and stigmas. There’s no need to shy away.

You can find summaries of my work and a picture slideshow in the My Guest Speaking section of this website.

My Writing

1469814_433011120155219_325019539_n.jpgAs a freelance writer, I’m nurturing my journalistic style by writing about something I love.

I have worked with Autism West Midlands as a guest blogger and The National Autistic Society as a feature writer. I enjoy expanding my knowledge.

This is something I have done as a result of developing My Autistic Life, a blog I developed as a way of sharing personal experiences and feelings while also writing about the perception and portrayal of autism in the media, in 2010.

Blogging has given me a chance to write about how I feel on a variety of issues. It has helped me to find a voice. It has helped me to meet a lot of people through social media who live with autism and in doing so, it has given me the passion to devote my working life to those who I feel a unique connection with.

You can find a selection of my freelance work and blog pieces in the My Writing section of this website.

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